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Wow- okay- so this last week or so of comics have been sitting in the queue patiently waiting since January. If they were anything but paper children they would have starved to death and I would have been charged with neglect! Well, I wasn’t because they have waited oh so much longer than that. Okay- I’ll set up updates for the rest of the week or so and see if I can *gulp* start on new comics again in that time.

Here’s some things to take note of:


  1. I stopped drawing this comic back in 2008. It is currently 2014- So that’s 6 years between the last comic I drew and the first one I will draw. There is a gap in the story of about 3 years that I will take as an opportune excuse as to “why the art changed styles,” because -it will be different- I can’t control that. I can try and draw like my ol’ self again, but I’m a better artist now. So it will be in the same spirit of the old art, but… more refined, I hope. Within that period of time I changed as a person. I moved back to my home country, attended and graduated from a private art school, worked on movies, won some awards for them, worked on a LOT of scripts, and did some stand up comedy. My writing has changed because I’ve done a LOT of writing, a LOT of reading, and a LOT of research in that time. My brain expanded when my mind exploded. And that happened too, my brain exploding. Something I might go over another time, but know- I’m good now. I know I’m bi-polar- I have coping strategies I didn’t have 6 years ago when I stopped making this comic. I’m finishing the damn thing *fist shake of determination*, and that’s the important thing.
  2. I do not have Photoshop currently, which is the program I used to color the old strips. I do have Manga studio which is a fantastic program, but extremely different in its application. I also have a much smaller Wacom tablet than the one I was using before, which means my strokes will feel different to the eye because they will be constricted into a smaller space. Different tools means different shading technique.
  3. I don’t know if I can get the same fonts again.
  4. Everything from before remains! All the typos- the bad art, the rough edges and crowded pages- all of it remains. I might recolor and re-letter an HD version if I ever print NS, but that was who I was when I made these comics- those were the comics I made. it would be dishonest to fix them retroactively because I’m too much of a perfectionist to let my own younger-self’s bad art go. I’ve matured enough on my own to accept that.

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