Prologue: The Pact

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Ah, No Stereotypes. I’m not going to lie; I’ve been working on this story for a very long time. I first started doodling these characters in High School and on through college and finally art school. I will finish this story. To borrow Sheanon Garrity’s wisdom, I’m considering NS a journeyman’s piece. It is not a complete and perfect story, nor should it be, however it is from the heart and laced with the honesty of that. This is a story where I am figuring out how to draw, and how to write. It is a story I’m figuring out pacing and timing.

Websnark once said a very nice thing about my use of decompressive storytelling in this comic. He has a new website so check it out. I think it’s because I tend to read a lot of manga from Japan and Korea growing up and picked up those habits.

Anyway, enjoy. 🙂

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