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I know this isn’t a big deal to you guys right now, but I just finished uploading every No Stereotypes comic from my old archives. This is the first time since 2008 that this comic will be online. Crazy, huh? You don’t believe me!?!? Currently up is the first chapter image for the prologue. Below, a snippet of the LAST comic that updated online before I had to take the comic down.

Atom and Jody in Mesopotamia.

Atom and Jody in Mesopotamia.

What a difference!


Now the comic isn’t readable yet, I just have the files on the server… It’s the little steps…

I want to especially thank Rob Howard and Rob Withoff for securing the files from destruction between my many losses of data and computer power over the years. I’m so excited, I’m posting this to Facebook without updating the silly WordPress image.

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Prologue: The Pact

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Ah, No Stereotypes. I’m not going to lie; I’ve been working on this story for a very long time. I first started doodling these characters in High School and on through college and finally art school. I will finish this story. To borrow Sheanon Garrity’s wisdom, I’m considering NS a journeyman’s piece. It is not a complete and perfect story, nor should it be, however it is from the heart and laced with the honesty of that. This is a story where I am figuring out how to draw, and how to write. It is a story I’m figuring out pacing and timing.

Websnark once said a very nice thing about my use of decompressive storytelling in this comic. He has a new website so check it out. I think it’s because I tend to read a lot of manga from Japan and Korea growing up and picked up those habits.

Anyway, enjoy. 🙂

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